Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elaborate?

Elaborate is a database program designed for a scientific environment to manage personal and shared inventories and lab-wide ordering.

I noticed you haven’t rolled out all the features. What can I do with Elaborate right now?

We will be rolling out new features of Elaborate as soon as we have adequately field tested them. At the moment you can build a cloud-hosted, personal database. Meaning all your information will be shared and up-to-date across your devices. The next big release we intend to make is lab features. These will let scientists access and modify a common shared database (the lab database), share items with each other, and submit order requests to a lab manager.

I’ve already been using spreadsheets to keep track of my items. Is there an easy way to move them?

Absolutely. We have an import function that lets you upload up to 10,000 items at once into your personal database. Please see the import page for more details.

I’m terrified about losing all my data. Is Elaborate backed up?

Yes, we back up the database daily.

Data security is very important for me. Is the database encrypted?

Yes, it is. To keep it protected, we will not give out more details.

How much does Elaborate cost?

If you want to use Elaborate for your personal database, it is completely free. For labs, we have subscriptions for $5 per month, per user.

What devices can I use Elaborate on?

Currently Elaborate is restricted to iOS devices. We are working diligently to create a web-based portal as well as a native Android app.

Can I access my data offline?

None of the data in your Elaborate account are stored locally so an active internet connection is required to access your data.